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Crown and Glory

Laura ThomsonComment
Kent Avenue Photography

The excitement over a recent collaboration with Tara Cronin of Kent Avenue Photography has left me crowning with glory. When Tara approached me back in February, she explained that she would be traveling to my neck of the woods and asked if I might be interested in designing several over-the-top (in her words) floral crowns for a "Mamma and Me" photo shoot at The Dean Hotel in Providence. I jumped at the chance.

Kent Avenue Photography
Kent Avenue Photography

Working with Tara was a pleasure from the start, and I only hope that I will have the chance to connect with her again. Check out Kent Avenue Photography's featured post on Inspired By This, for the chance to see more of Tara's amazing work and my floral crowns. 

Photography: Kent Avenue Photography  Venue: The Dean Hotel in Providence, RI